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high energy and plasma astrophysics

superstrings, higher-spin theory and AdS/CFT

quantum gravity and cosmology

quantum field theory

strong correlation effects and high-Tc superconductors

nonlinear dynamics of complex systems

high energy physics

measurements, constants and tests of fundamental theories

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high energy physics

(Steklov Inst., Moscow)
Holograpic approach to heavy ions collisions download pdf
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
Specific properties of elastic scattering and inelastic profiles of high energy protons download pdf
(Inst. for Theoretical Physics, Kiev, Ukraine)
Elastic and inelastic diffraction at the LHC download pdf
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
with M.Kirakosyan
Sound in anisotropic hydrodynamics download pdf
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
with I.Dremin
Model description of proton interactions download pdf
(Inst. for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow)
with A.Dolgov
A cosmological bound on e+e- mass difference download pdf
(Lebedev Inst., Moscow)
with A.Leonidov
Quantum correction to the classical statistical approximation download pdf
(JINR, Dubna)
with J.-R. Cudell
The local and integrate dispersion relations and the analytic structure of the hadron elastic scattering amplitude at LHC energies download pdf
(Kurchatov inst., Moscow)
Finite time measurements by Unruh-DeWitt detector and Landauer’s principle download pdf
(Skobeltsyn Inst. of Nuclear Physics, Moscow Univ.)
Triple parton scattering in perturbative QCD download pdf
(JINR, Dubna)
with M.Baznat, K.Gudima, A.Sorin, V.Zakharov
Vorticity and polarization in heavy-ion collisions: from micro- to macrophysics and back again download pdf
(Inst. for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow)
with S.Godunov, B.Machet
On the resonances in positron scattering on a supercritical nucleus and е+е- pairs production download pdf



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